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Flight Lander

★★★★★"Be prepared for some nail biting, heart pumping, air traffic control fun!" - Wuzappenin

Guide your planes to safety! And become the greatest Flight Lander. Enjoy incredible graphics, 10 awesome new levels and new hazards that will blow your mind.

Play a new level every three days!

NEW GAME PLAY – play on the islands level with no runways and find out if you can fill with gas or fix the airplanes before they crash.

Land aircrafts next to volcanoes, falling meteors and crazy giant monkey that will try to give you a hard time.

Make a fine strategy to line up your aircrafts before it’s too late to avoid chaos.

Become the best air traffic controller and earn your wings to prove it. Integrated with FACEBOOK, you can see your ranking among your friends and beat them on every level.

Earn lives as you land aircrafts and achieve greatness among your friends.

Watch out for the AIR RUSH that might kick you out of balance every once in a while.


+Free to play! Try a free level every three days and play them all!

+Anyone can play it! Just touch an aircraft and draw a path to the indicated runways and avoid collisions.

+Earn lives as you land aircrafts and achieve greatness among your friends.

+STOP TIME - When things start to get complicated and calmly draw all paths for each aircraft.

+ERASE – Use the eraser to clear all aircrafts from the screen and have a break.

+HAZARD OFF – Turn off the volcanos or the tsunamis and have a classic game for a few minutes.

+Earn achievements on every level, win crazy awards for having fun like crashing planes at the same time!

+Over 20 aircrafts, including military planes, zeppelins, biplanes and more



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