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2+ Years of experience



FatMole is a great falling game full of challenge, entertainment and adventure!


Help Otto recover his food from the evil hands of the glutton mole Tonny falling though amazing worlds filled with magical creatures and incredible power ups that will help you in your quest to recover your lunch!


Play Fat Mole in single mode or beat your friends on challenge mode! There are 4 incredible ways to challenge your friends! Find out which of your friends is the best player in Tonny's falling world!



Transform Otto into a scary Zombie, a rough Pirate or a handsome Mariachi, just to mention a few, and have lots of fun!


Enjoy different worlds falling with dragons, aliens, dinosaurs, underwater creatures, volcano hornets, crocodiles, gorillas and more magical creatures!


FatMole is a falling game where you fall through islands, caves, volcanoes, seas, icebergs, pyramids, forests, ice cold mountains and more!


Note: Recover and save your progress by going to Challenge mode




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