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Cop vs Zombies Live WP

WARNING: Addictive wallpaper will make you kill zombies all day!

Celebrating Flight Lander release: Cop VS Zombies is now FREE!!!

Download Flight Lander for FREE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roomlabdev.flightlander

Zombies are trapped!! Kill them all in this massacre! Shoot them with your gun or hit them with your club! Help the Zombie Cop by moving him around and eliminating all scary zombies or just watch him doing so!.

Cool 3D graphics to make your phone and tablet look incredible! And it won’t slow down any of the current standard devices! Attract your friends with this new look!

Keep track of zombies with an upper screen countdown and keep shooting and hitting zombies until the apocalypse ends.

No mercy!! It’s time to hit those zombies back and clear those fields of the menace that has invaded this world.

This wallpaper is fun to watch and really entertaining, you will literally forget what you were supposed to be doing.

It’s a zombie farm! You will be attracted to watch all the action taking place, the cop will continuously shoot to kill zombies until the field is cleared. If the zombies get too close they will be smashed with his club.

Take action at any time by touching the Joystick on the screen and make it YOUR job to keep smashing and shooting zombies!



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